ECS Motherboard doesn't recognize any graphic card

Hi all! First time for me in the forums, hope I could explain myself clearly.

Couple of weeks ago I've moved to another apartment and took my PC with me. After moving in, something strange happened:
When booting up, the computer shows me black screen and the monitor won't start; Only when I disconnect the monitor cable from my graphic card, connecting it to the onboard graphics and rebooting, Win7 logon screen appeared.

List of things I've tried that didn't succeed:
1. Exploring the BIOS hoping to find the option to disable onboard graphics. Never found it (apparently ECS doesn't have this feature, they've installed some automatic detection feature for external graphic cards) .
2. Removing the old graphics card, 9500GT, then reconnecting it.
3. Uninstalling the onboard drivers in Win7, rebooting, hopefully the system will recognize the 9500GT.
4. Switching monitors.
5. Looking for solutions in the internet. Read somewhere that it might be ground/voltage issues, so moved the PC from the floor onto the table.
6. Tried replacing the 9500GT with a brand new NVidia 630gt , same problem occurred. (On the way also bought 2x2GB memory cards)
7. Searched the web again, read that it might be a problem with the mobo, probably the pci-e slot.

I know some of the stuff I did is kinda stupid but I don't have high knowledge in HW... :\
Anyway, that's what I got so far. I really hope that I don't have to buy a new mobo. If you have any suggestions please comment!
Thanks in advance!!!

Motherboard: ECS H61H2-M3 1.0
Processor: 3.10 gigahertz Intel Core i3-2100
PSU: 350w (don't know the vendor)
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  1. i think that its the power circuit of your new apartment that cause the psu to run unusual and cause the mobo to doing wrong things or power does not supply to the graphic card. maybe the grounding mount is not good (the ground cable of your new apartment are no good, causing electrostatic and/or leak).

    to test, try to touch your pc compartment (dont do it if you are scared to get electrostatic or use electric leak detector devices). if you feel got electriced or your device are reading, i think thats your problem, inproper ground wire. contact the apartment manager.

    if thats now the case, try to use different psu (dont buy it first, borrowed from a friend, test on the pc service and vice versa). if using different psu works, then, your psu is faulty cuz of electrostatic, improper grounded or too old???

    i hope that could help you.
  2. Hey thanks for the reply!
    I didn't switch the PSU with another one because I couldn't find a used one from a friend,
    so before buying a new one I looked at the power supply's voltages:
    CPU Current Voltage ---> 1.140
    IMC ---> 1.044
    VDIMM ---> 1.512

    Are these measurements OK?
  3. well, i dont think the problem lies to your psu. maybe a bit though..
    i think that the problem to your mobo. got damaged from electricstatic force or leak. just to make sure, try to test on different places (not from your apartment). if solve, yeb, thats leak ya right! you just one step away from damaged the mobo.

    if no, on my hypothesis, i think your mobo is in trouble. maybe cause of electrostatic. you know why when installing / building a pc you must be grounded and touch the casing? is to avoid electrostatic force that could damage the pc parts. inproper ground also cause this.
    this is just my hypothesis. dont jump to conclusion. you will need had proof of that (yay! experiment).

    to test other proof, try to clean your pci-e slot bu using anything that can reach the slot (not with any wet substances!!) like cotton bud. try to clean the graphic card's slot too (i mean the metal port that will connect to the pci-e slot) by using anything that not likely making any electrostatic (cloth DOES make electricstatic. also, NO WET SUBSTANCES). if no possible cleaner, ground it by touch some metal casing of the graphic card (heatsink, metal plates) and clean it gently. then try to install that card.

    ADD: also, i think that measurement is fine??
    hope thats help you. and sorry for long reply
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