Should I upgrade from gtx 460 2gb sli? Crysis 3 Maxed

I cannot decide if I should upgrade or not, right now I can max every game I have without a hitch but I'm thinking crysis 3. I have to play on max settings and I don't know if my two 2gb gtx 460's will push it or not. I have been looking at a single gtx 670 4gb which although would boost my performance by only about 5% it would give me room to upgrade if I needed to when C3 hits the shelves.

In my despair I called a pc parts store and asked them. They said I should sit where I was at and that the cost would not justify the upgrade. They also went on to tell me that if I put two gtx 670's in sli that I would only utilize half their performance because I have a 2.0 slot instead of 3.0, correct me if I'm wrong but I swore I read somewhere that the 2.0/3.0 really didn't matter?

The cost of the 670 is around $439 after rebate with a copy of borderlands 2 which is a good deal to me and I wouldn't mind running through BL2. If I wait till February though the price of the 670 may drop a bit but that is a gamble too; I would also have a clearer picture of what C3 will require so you can see my dilemma. Anyways I guess I just need a little friendly advice on what I should do, I was not totally convinced by what the store told me. Do I just sit where I'm at or make room to upgrade for just one game?

System specs:

(I do not Overclock anything in my system as of yet)

Windows 7 64bit
AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T Processor 3.30 GHz
Asus M4N98TD evo motherboard
1100 watt psu
16 gb ram
gtx 460 2gb sli
Asus VH238 1920 x 1080

Thanks in advance for any input!
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  1. you're trying to jump the gun, and the advice from the store is good advice

    upgrade - IF need be, When the new game is out and all bugs/patches have been fixed
  2. Might as well sit and wait. Why upgrade now, for a game coming out later? Think about how quickly prices drop and new hardware comes out. There's no reason not to wait.
  3. 1+ as dingo07 and Niavlys77 said.

    I would wait and see how your system behaves running the might be surprised - GTX460 SLI is pretty powerfull as you already know. All cards do drop their price so I'm certain the chance of the 670 (if you go for this) going the other way is next to zero. I appreciate that some freebies e.g. BL2 might be attractive now (though there are usually always freebies going somewhere), so what you might also want to do now is a little google "GTX-460-SLI" researching, just to put your mind at rest. Of course open up another tab showing the fps for the 670 playing the same game, res, etc. Other things that might be important to you is the power draw difference between the two setup's.
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