New gaming pc build 1500 dollars

Hi guys any questions, comments, or concerns on my pc build?

Cpu- i5 3570k

Cpu cooler- cooler master hyper 212 evo

motherboard- asrock z77 extreme4

Memory- 16 GB g-skill ares ddr3 1866

HDD- Western digital caviar black 1 TB

SSD- Samsung 830 series 128 GB

GPU- evga gtx 680 4 GB ddr5

Case- cooler master storm scout 2

PSU- antec Antec High Current Gamer 750W 80 PLUS Bronze

optical drive- LG ihas

monitor- Asus VS248H-P 24.0" Monitor

keyboard- microsoft sidewinder x4

Mouse- logitech g700

Custom- 4 cooler master fans

Thanks for the criticsm!!
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  1. hmm build looks good, but would appreciate more info
    please fill out those questions, otherwise it's gonna take too long asking you those question one by one. Post answers here. After you do that we will be able to help you faster, without having to be guessing in the dark. Thanks
  2. The build looks good. I would not spend money on fans until after you get your case. If gaming is the primary focus you could actually drop the GPU to a 670 and upgrade your SSD to a 256GB model. 1866 RAM will not be of use and will actually be warranty-voiding, so you will need to drop that to 1600, and 8GB is plenty for most uses. I think I would also get a different power supply - try the Corsair TX750 or the Seasonic S12 II 620W.
  3. You do not need 4GB ram on the 680 or even if you switch to the 670. By the time it is needed, you card will be on its knees.
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