GPU usage drops dramatically for a second or two...

Anyone seen this before?

Its almost like im alt+tabbing but im not, its very strange. The game will freeze for a second and sometimes longer but always starts rendering again. This graph is from skyrim, the same thing happens in killing floor.

My specs:
ASRock Extreme 7 gen 3 z68
i7 2600k @ 4.4
8 gb DDR3 1866
2tb WD HDD + 64GB SSD cache drive

Im playing @ 1440p.

Anyone seen behavior like this before? I already uninstalled and ran driver sweeper. Running the latest drivers (306.23)

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  1. OMG!!!! I've had this same issue ever since Battlefield 3 came out!!!

    I have EVGA GTX 570 012-P3-1570-AR.

    I've played on different monitors.

    It's gotten better since BF3 came out, but it seems like a driver crash to me. The game freezes and I must end the BF3 process to fix it. GPU usage drops to ZERO
  2. I first had my card OC'ed a lil extra, turning it back to stock helped a little.

    Try that first.

    U know, EVGA did just get hit by NVIDIA for improperly configuring cards...,18150.html
    I read another article explaining that they misconfigured the board's circuitry...
  3. Im having exactly the same issue.. can anyone help on this one? I´ve already tried to replace the drivers with older ones, but without any success.. it begun very suddenly, I have changed nothing as far as I remember...

    I am quite certain that it does not come from overheating as MSI afterburner shows almost constant 75 degrees.... some say that it might be insufficient power supply, but why did this occur a year after I am using the GTX 570M?
  4. I'm not a hundred percent sure this will help anyone but I know it's a very common problem thanks to crappy nvidia drivers.

    So what I did was,

    When playing bf3 or minecraft or w/e i was playing, every minute or so my framerate would simply drop like a rock and watching my Afterburner on my other monitor I found out it was my usage dropping from 80% to 0 and then back. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to stab somebody in the face with a knife only to find out he moved and is watching you slash at the sky for no reason. So I tried overclocking my card some. The problem got worse. So I did something I considered really stupid. I turned my card down below factory settings. Sounds dumb but it works.

    I looked all over the net to find a solution and didn't see one so I thought i put this out there.
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