Help with choosing graphics card plz

Hello, im stuck!!!i want to buy a graphics card for my pc but theres so many i dont know where to start??? the specs as best i know are:

foxconn n15235 mb
3.3ghz intel celeron d cpu
2x 1gb ddr2 ram
pci-e1 16x card slot
vista 32 bit os
will be switching between 42' 1080p tv and this sony monitor im on now 1024 x 768 max res.
i have a dvi to hdmi lead but in the highstreet the guy told me i'd need a sound lead to hook up to my hd tv!?? so wondering if a hdmi to hdmi option is better??? i'll use this pc for games, streaming films and surfing the web alot. can any1 point out some cards for budget and top end plzzzzz
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  1. 7750 is about all i would recommend for such an old system.

    your probably better off swapping out cpu/mb/ram, as they are all cheap nowadays.
  2. its pcie 1 or 1.1
  3. You have an 6 year old single core CPU what games do you expect to be able to play?
  4. pci-e1 16x
  5. ok so i play newer games on my ps3. but i still want a card that is good for films and surfing
  6. can any1 recommend any other cards??
  7. 2GB ATi Radeon HD 5450 Low Profile HDMI 1080p DVI VGA PCI-E 1GB Graphics Card. will this do??? £40
  8. Get a cheap HD5450 for single core celeron d cpu. Spending good graphic card on that system will be a waste. No game will run good on that single core celeron.
  9. films and surfing, a gpu isnt going to help you in any way.
  10. is changing the intel cpu as easy as clipping 1 out and clip 1 in. and then paste??
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