Power supply for graphic card

I wanna know whether powercolor radeon hd 5670 is compatible for me or not.

My System Config is
Intel c2d e7500
win 7 32 bit
500 gb hdd
asus p5g41t-mlx3 motherboard
zeb 450w valve plus psu

I noticed that it needed 400w power.
Power supply enough or i must add any external power supply...??
Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi, It will work with your system. Get it and have fun.
  2. Wat abt power supply??
  3. get a 7750 instead of that if you wish.
  4. shadydx said:
    Wat abt power supply??

    A 5670 will work on that psu. Dont worry. But 7750 may not.
  5. mubin said:
    A 5670 will work on that psu. Dont worry. But 7750 may not.


  6. Well, 5670 require more power than 7750. But 7750 require 55w where 5670 is 64w.
  7. Plzz help me...I bought hd5670 from flipkart....
    I placed the card in the pci e x16 slot and connected the monitor cable, i m not getting display....
    I don hav any 6 pin pci e connector cable in ma motherboard....
    What shall i do now????
  8. Before install hd5670, do you uninstall built-in graphic diver? If not then remove the 5670 and then the old driver. After that install 5670 again.

    Also, check monitor cable if it is connected to the gfx card.
  9. But the fan in graphic card is nt wrking....btw sry for late reply:)
  10. Remove it and place it again correctly.
  11. If your graphics card has a PCI-E Supplementary Power Connector then it must be connected to the power supply or the graphics card will not receive enough power to work.

    You can try using a dual 4-pin Molex peripheral to 6-pin PCI-E Power Connector adapter cable.

  12. 5670 doesn't require 6-pin connector.
  13. bt it has a 6 pin port.....
  14. Well, which model? I didnt see it in sapphire 1gb ddr3 model.

    Then you can try with dual 4-pin Molex as ko888 said.
  15. The OP's newer more powerful version of the Radeon HD 5670 uses the Juniper GPU that can draw more than 75 Watts so it requires the 6-pin PCI-E power connector.

    I don't think the Juniper GPU versions were available world-wide.

    The original Radeon HD 5670 used the Redwood XT GPU which had a maximum board power of 64 Watts and doesn't require a 6-pin PCI-E power connector.

    The OP can run GPU-Z to find out if the GPU is a Juniper.

    The Juniper-based Radeon HD 5670 has 640 stream processors and a 750MHz clock speed, compared to 400 stream processors and a 775MHz core clock for the Redwood XT-based Radeon HD 5670.
  16. I also think its not available worldwide. Its the first time i know about a 6-pin 5670 gpu.
  17. I think it's a limited edition that was only available in Asia.

    AMD had to find a way to use up the accumulating stock of defective Juniper GPUs that couldn't be used on the Radeon HD 5750 and Radeon HD 5770 cards.
  18. Tanxx @ko,@mubin....i connected dual 4 pin molex...nw itz wrkng....thankzz thanks a LOT:):)
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