Direct X problem with crash?

Hi my name is Nathan.McIntyre and my computer is pretty old, Im running windows 7 32-bit and my graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce2 MX 100/200 AGP and I have 1.00 GB of RAM, and i have a intel pentium 4 processor. Every time I try to play a game like minecraft that requires direct x 9.0 or higher my computer crashes and gets the BSOD and when i recover the information from the crash support that appears when the computer restarts, it says that my graphics card does not have direct x 9.0 so I looked on the internet and on it says it does support direct x 9.0 so whats happening and what can i do to stop the crashing so i can play some decent games like minecraft?
(sorry for my grammer, ive never been good at it)
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  1. Then dwonlaod DIRECT X9.0 into UR comptuer ~!
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