SB Live 5.1 De Crackling/Popping/Staticy Sound

Hello, Today i bought a sb live 5.1 de oem sound card because i just bought a dvd decoder card to go along with my dvd player. Before i go any further i will give my comp specs. 1.33 266fsb AMD T-Bird, Abit kg7-lite mb, 512 mb ddr cas 2.5 micron ram, asus 7700 gf2 gts, d link nic, sb live 5.1 de, creative 12x dvd, and creative dxr3 dvd decoder card. I used to have an older monster mx300 but decided to get a new card because i traded a friend my sound card for his for a little while, and it worked out good for me, so i thought i would get myself one. I put it in, install it. everything is looking good. I mess around with the settings and make sure that it's working and stuff. I decide to load up quake 3 to see if my 256mb of ram that i purchased as well made a difference and I notice a staticy choppy noise a lil, i thought that it was nothing, so i load up q3dm6 and whenever i jump or shoot i get a weird staticy choppy noise. Now i am kinda confused, so i load up diablo2, everything seems ship shape no sound or whatever, i ask a few people they dont know whats going on. So, i look around on some forumns and dont see anything. THen i decide to go play diablo2, and i start playing and i notice that, its not has distinct as in the quake3 where it happens all the time but, it makes a distorted sound when in that game as well. i also played cs and that seemed to be fine and i didnt notice any sound. anyone know what possibly could be the problem?
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  1. run dxdiag. see if you sound card passes all tests. it could also be caused by vibration. make sure every thing is well in place as well as the jack for the speaker.
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