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  1. 16GB of RAM is pointless.

    Also, go for the 7870 over the 660. Its a much better gaming card.

    Also, choose a power supply from the makes of Antec, Seasonic, XFX, or PC Power & Cooling as well as Corsair.
  2. Apparently you never tried to fire up and play with virtual machines or appliances ? Not to mention with the dirt cheap cost of memory why wouldn’t you?

    I wouldn’t wait years for the price to rocket up because of the fact less manufactures are making them at the time… But what do I know ?

    Love my VM’s, vmware, virtual box, not to mention RAM drives… Pointless? Really? One may first ask it's use ? Future is just so scary!

    Also many power supplies are made by the same manufactures. Ultra for example has a lifetime warranty. They ship replacements from Ohio and they even sent me a shipping tag. That just can't be beat in my opinion.

    Antec does make a good power supply but often over priced in my opinion. I have sold 100's of power supplies over the years, most that use a UPS show little to no failure. I believe all PC's should be on a UPS if it plays an important role in your business or life :)

    nVidia over AMD is an argument I won’t even begin to entertain.

    All the best !

  3. Lol, I usually just figure that people coming here posting builds want a more gaming rig as opposed to a VM rig. I feel that if that is what people want, they will say so.

    I only have 16GB because it was the same price as the 8GB I was planning on buying, which was the same model.

    And until the high end Nvidia cards, I tend to recommend AMD, as something about the memory bus bugs me. You are right, we can go on for hours about this I am sure, but yea.

    And nothing against Ultra, one of my rigs is running one. I just like to recommend a bit higher end stuff is all. I'm not saying its not like the worst one in the world, its just for that price, one can be had that is much better.

    All the best to you as well kind sir!
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