Video card on its way out

Hey all,

I've broken a blade on my GTX560ti and expect overtime the bearing will fail.

I'll replace it in a month or so, but will I see good gaming performance with this PC..

Core i5 760 @ 3.2ghz
4gb DDr3 1600mhz ram

Basically, some games (mechwarrior online, world of tanks etc) have been starting to slow down to the region of 40fps. When will I start seeing myself CPU capped? I really can't afford to upgrade to a Sandybridge rig yet, so would upgrading to say, a GTX 660ti, see much improvement, or should I go for the cheaper 560ti as I'm CPU bound?

thanks :)
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  1. Thanks for the link, though I think I'll go for the 660ti given that it's quite a bit faster. Could somebody let me know if my CPU is a bottleneck for this GPU yet, or will the core i5 760 @ 3.2 still last me a while?
  2. I'm no expert but i'd say your CPU will be fine and you could even OC it some more if you wish.
  3. How bad is the vibrations? It may cause other issues if the vibrations get too bad.

    I was asked to look at a system that was excessively loud. Had some blades missing from the cpu fan.

    They I was told they had knocked the system over in the past.

    Yeah, guess that may do it.

    If it is not overheating or vibrating like bastard, it should last for a bit.

    You may be able to zip tie a fan to the cards heatsink to keep it going for a while/permanently s well.
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