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Hey guys! I live in Canada and i wanted to get my own gaming desktop. I went to CyberPower and found some decent offers there, however, it'll cost taxes and shipping and customs to import the system so I changed my mind. I'm thinking of building my own through NewEgg, but I got an new idea. Can I get this system :
and then buy and add a GPU to it, like a gtx 660 ? What do you guys think ? Will the system be good enough for gaming in that case ?

Also I considered buying every piece alone and then building the system from scratch, but it turned out to be more costy than the one I showed you with a GPU added.

I appreciate any attempts to help. Thanks !
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  1. Cyber power is not a brand that I really like. They do not use proven power supplies.
  2. that's an Ibuypower and not a cyberpower .. if that makes a difference
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    300w PSU, you will have to buy a new one of those too. so add that into your costs. You will need at least a 500w PSU. That is also a pretty crappy motherboard not sure you can even use it to OC the i5 3570k. Sure it will cost you less but to get it up to what you want you will need to replace almost all the parts other than the CPU lol... It also only has 1333 ram and 500gb HDD... you could get better parts for the same price if you built your own.
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