EVGA 660 Ti FTW Signature2 2GB or Asus 660 Ti non-Top version?

I am seeking opinions on these two cards, and any other 660 Ti cards that you feel may be worth mentioning in comparison. Newegg just came out with the EVGA 660 Ti FTW Signature 2 edition and it can be found here:

I am comparing it to an ASUS version which can be found here:

The EVGA is new and overclocked high in comparison to others. It has only one questionable review on this new design with two fans. I'm a little worried about it running hot since I will be pairing it with a Corsair 550D silence themed case. The ASUS one has good reviews, and even though it is a non-Top version, it still seems like a great card with low noise, and good cooling. They both come with a 3 year limited warranty. For reference, I will be pairing it with a 3570k processor, and using it for mild gaming, video recording, and editing. I will have two monitors that will both be 1920 x 1080p. One will be mainly for gaming and the other will be used for other typical simultaneous tasks like music, youtube, desktop apps, etc.

Which one would you go with and why?
Would your opinion change if you decided to overclock them?
Would you consider any other cards over these two in a similar price range?

I also have a couple of slightly off-topic questions.
Does having a two monitor setup like that effect graphics card performance significantly when compared to just one dedicated monitor?
When gaming at 1080p, does the size of the monitor make a difference for performance and which graphics card to use?

Thank you in advance for any input as it will be much appreciated!
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  1. buy a 660 for cheaper than either of them. The offer 90% of the performance of the 660 ti for much cheaper.
    2 monitors doesn't really matter for graphics performance if you are just using 1. The size of the monitor also doesn't depend on graphics card performance.
  2. I would go with the EVGA version.
  3. The real choice is between the current 660 Ti champ (MSI PE OC), and the FTW Sig 2. TPU has shown the MSI PE OC (1019MHz version) beating even the ASUS TOP when both are OCed and the ASUS is clocked quite a bit higher.

    I held off on last month's Newegg rebate on the MSI PE OC just to check reviews on this new EVGA card. The reference cooled 660 version of the EVGA at the same core speed scored very well in reviews. EVGA says they're sending out FTW Sig 2s for review.

    According to EVGA, their new non ref air cooler drops temps by 20%. One customer on TPU has reported 60c temps in BF3 on his EVGA 680 which uses the same cooler. My guess is the FTW Sig 2 will give the PE OC a run for it's money.

    As for simultaneous dual displays at 1080p each, not very sensible for a card of that level. However you could stretch your mileage by running the one for media and apps at 720p, which is more appropriate for YouTube anyway.

    And for the record, both ones you mentioned come with a 3 yr warranty, but EVGA's is better. A lot of people assume EVGA went cheap by "dropping" their lifetime warranty. What they did is decide (based on customer feedback) to change from a lifetime to 3 yr transferable warranty.

    They were finding that most preferred having a lesser warranty if they could sell their used cards with the 2nd owner retaining any remaining warranty time as a bonus selling point. This encourages upgrades because there's more resale value and thus less loss taken when upgrading, so upgrades become more affordable.
  4. 660TI, why get the lower end card?
  5. amuffin said:
    660TI, why get the lower end card?

    Both cards being compared are 660 Ti. The reason the non TOP ("lower end" as you put it) is being compared is the ASUS 660 Ti TOP version is discontinued and no longer available.

    As I said though, the MSI 660 Ti PE OC beat the TOP in tests anyway, and it IS available. So the cards to compare are it and this new non ref cooled EVGA. Both run about $310, but the EVGA has a $10 rebate on it thru Oct if you get it direct from EVGA.

    It's too soon to tell yet whether the MSI PE OC or EVGA FTW Sig 2 is the better card. There should be some reviews on the EVGA soon though.
  6. Still no reviews. Can get the EVGA for $289 + shipping until 10/31
  7. dang it i need a review from this card...

    it has custom pcb and the heatsink seems to be pretty good, but would be good to have a place to confirm. so far i can point out two downsides,

    - there's no faceplate to prevent the pcb warping
    - vrms are positioned in a very dangerous position, trowing all the hot air directly into mobo's chipset

    but would be nice to confirm this things through a review. can someone confirm this one has a soft-able voltage regulator?
  8. amuffin said:
    660TI, why get the lower end card?

    I agree...And imo the gtx 660 Ti is the better card between the two even tho they are close in performance i still would go for the better end between the two.
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