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Hello. I got my BT Infinity yesterday, but its connected in different room from where its used to be. My Internet cable cant reach it so I would like to ask?! Can I plug internet cable into different socket (internet ones :D ) from my main one, so there would be internet access from that socket? And I mean if at 2nd socket would be internet at all?
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  1. Its difficult to understand what you are asking, but there is no harm in trying other ports for the device and just seeing if it works as long as the connection types are the same kind, ie don't stick and Ethernet cable into a phone jack.
  2. Basically what I mean, I have 2 sockets in 2 different rooms. They separated by wall. Is there and internet "flow" between them? So I dont need to go all the way around the house to connect internet cable. So I just connect in in one socket.

    Its hard to try because its covered by huge table and some on furniture.
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