I have repeatedly gotten the Blue Screen of Death

Hi, I'm a first time poster, long time reader.

So just last week my computer (for the first time) got the blue screen of death. It has only happened during gaming but other than that the computer functions as normally. I would like some help in trying to fix the issue as the problem never used to happen even when playing games.

I know that there is also a way in which I can show you the errors and such from my BSoD but I'm not sure how exactly.

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated.
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  1. Could someone please help, I'm really stuck here.
  2. do you have any component overclocked?
  3. Yeah I do, my i5 2500k. I was under the impression that it was built for overclocking though?
  4. Here are some of the things that you should look for or diagnosis..

    1. Switch power connect from video card with another and also pull the 20/24 pin from main board(Most likely these or otherwise it's Nvidia's Driver)
    2. check temperature of all hardware
    3. Reset OC

    #2 was what happened to me yesterday, turned on game and restart and i did this like 3 times and BSOD on them, I switch the GPU's power connector and it seems fine so far, haven't have any BSOD ever since then...
  5. Examine the system dump.
    It'll tell you exactly what happened.
  6. before you pull anything check that your ram is seated and then run memtest on the system ram and see if there any issues with a bad stick. if memtest says your ram is fine pull 1/2 of the ram see if the game still bsod. if it does switch ram sticks.
    also check with cpu-z that your mb ram speed and timing are set right.
  7. Thanks guys, I ended up removing the OC and everything works great now (albeit with less power), I appreciate all the replies. Have a great christmas!
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