Is my graphics card too big for my pc?

Alright, I ordered a dell xps 8500 desktop from and here are the specs:

intel core i5 3450
mobo H77
8 gb ddr3 ram
amd radeon hd 7570 graphics card

I purchased a better graphics card shortly after for cheap from a friend and wanted to install it to my desktop. It is a sapphire radeon hd 7770 ghz edition with 1 gb memory. I opened up my desktop to install it myself and first off I couldn't get my graphics card out though I lifted up the lever (guessing something else connected it) and then the new graphics card I have is substantially larger than the hd 7570. Is my new graphics card too large for my desktop? It looks like it would be pressing against the cables inside my computer if I was able to get it in there. I believed I could upgrade to this specific graphics card given that the option to upgrade the graphics to a 7770 was available when customizing my desktop on, however buying it off my friend and installing it myself was cheaper. Any help would be much appreciated
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  1. Uploading a pic of the inside of your case with you holding the card up would help. Now 1) The graphics card is most likely screwed on the case at the back of the PC (inside) at the back of the card (the bracket that stabilizes the card). Unscrew that and THEN use the little lever while you pull. 2) It won't hurt your card for it to just touch some wire as long as it is insulated (which it is) so don't worry about that. The thing I can't understand, and maybe I'm just stupid or I missed it, but if you have the card and you have the desktop why don't you just hold up the card in the case and see if it fits?? Hope this helps *Pics would help!!!*
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