What printer has the cheapest printer ink

Hello, i want to buy a pnew printer for under 100.00 and want to know which has the cheapest inkl cartridges? thank you
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  1. If you are planning to buy ink cartridges there are some of the lowest and cheapest ink prices around for replacement Brother, Canon and Epson printer ink cartridges, toner, and inkjet refills. It can afford in cheapest affordable price which you can also have the guarantee satisfaction because of its high quality performance when it comes to printing.
  2. You don't just want cheapest you need some that last also. Cheap cartridges you need to replace often are not very cheap.

    If you don't care about color, get a laser jet, the toner lasts far longer than ink jet ink. If you want/need color, look at this site http://www.cartridgecompare.com/

    You should also get a printer that has separate inks for each color so when you run out of one color you don't need to waste the others if they were all in one cartridge.
  3. If you are going to be doing a lot of printing, you should really invest in a Continuous Feed Inkjet system. Cartridges are just too expensive for frequent use.

    Check out some photo websites like www.dpreview.com & www.stevesdigicams.com and check out their reviews and forums. Those guys will know exactly what you need.
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