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I have had my laptop for 6 years now, and it is on it's last leg. I have known for a while now that I wanted to build a tower when it was time to replace my computer. The primary high loads on my computer are gaming (Sims3, Fallout, SWTOR, etc.) and some 3D rendering. My goal is to be able to run newer games at high graphics without noticeable lag for once. I also want to integrate a drive that writes on Blu-Ray as well as standard. I want to make sure that the motherboard has HDMI/optical outputs, supports USB 3.0 and will support overclocking the CPU and possibly the GPU. I have a tentative parts list together, but am open to changing parts if I can save money while still achieving my goals. If you suggest a different part, please tell me why. Thank you for your input.

CoolerMaster Case-Owned

ASUS Mobo-250.00

Intel CPU-240.00



Hard Drive-100.00

Power Supply-120.00
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  1. for that money you want to change your gpu to this much more performance for the price. As for your mobo get a z77 and a i5 3570k for better features.

    And for what you are saving on parts you could add a ssd for good measure.
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