220Watt PSU enough for HTPC?


I'm building a HTPC using some old parts. The case I am looking at ( Thermaltake Element Q ) comes with a 220 watt PSU. Do you think it will be enough for:

E6400 Core 2 Duo CPU
Mini-ITX motherboard ( still looking for a second hand cheapie one )
GT620 or 6450 for HDMI out

What do you think?
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  1. I think you're cutting it really close. Strictly speaking that build only uses about 170 Watts under full load, but only having 50 watts of headroom is not recommended, especially on such a weak power supply.

    I would opt for getting a 300+ watt PSU.

    Something like this maybe:


    In the end that PSU that comes with it will probably work fine. I just personally wouldn't feel safe with that little headroom.
  2. Should be fine. I'm running a pentium G2120 and Radeon 7850 on a Silverstone 300 Watt small form factor PSU and that works just fine. Your graphics card is considerably less demanding than mine so 220watts, assuming you buy a good quality PSU, should work fine.
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