My 660ti software or hardware???

I just recently built my comp a week ago. Ran smooth, until yesterday. Problem.... I turned on my comp after it was off for a good 12 hrs 10 mins later i click on Boarderlands 2 click play, goes into force restart. Then it goes into black screen and says system restore (recomended) or start normally. If I click norm it goes and trys to load windows but quick flashes a bule screen then back to black. If I do system restart it back dates it to when the comp was functional. what is going on???
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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is a faulty video card. But you should first confirm: Your power supply, is it a good PSU providing enough power?
    Your drivers, have you done a clean install of the latest drivers from the Nvidia website?
    Cables, is everything connected and is the video card seated properly?

    Since it seems like an issue when the card goes into 3D clock mode, it could be power or a defective card. Does it only happen when starting a game?

    One thing to try is to go into the Nvidia Control Panel and set 'Power management mode' to 'Prefer maximum performance'.
  2. Good PSU

    Video card drivers seem like its preventing me from going into windows fully. what are signs for a bad Video Card?

    everything is seated.

    just trying everythign before i send it back for the new one BUMMER.

    also do parts just go bad just sitting???? like it was working fine then BAM seems weird...
  3. newest info is Device cannot be detected on my computer....
    bad card??
  4. It's at least worth a try to call customer support and see what they say.
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