Is it a good config for gaming

can i play battlefield 3 and NFS run in ultra settings using my pc with the following specificatios?
4gb ddr3 ram
AMD FX 4 processor ( 3.6 ghz )
ATi radeon hd 6570 1gb grafic card..

is it a good config?
waiting for ur valuable replies..
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  1. No, with a 6570 you cant run those game on ultra. Maybe medium in singleplayer. You need a graphic upgrade to make your configuration good.

    Try to upgrade 6570 to 7770/7850. You will be fine.
  2. you could run anything at ultra with that! about 5 fps. it might run it at low, MAYBE. especially for bf3. i would get 8gb of ram and atleast a amd 6870, but a gtx 660(non ti) would be alot better. you could get by with just getting a new graphics card though.
  3. yeah a 7770 would actually be ok, but if you want to run it max i would get a gtx 660 atleast
  4. what resolution will you be playing at ?
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