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I recently bought this laptop.


It did not come with the 3d Kit. I wasn't looking really to 3d game at the time but now I like the idea. I have two questions:

1) If I buy the Nvidia 3d Vision Kit (with the IR emitter and glasses), even though my computer did not come with an IR emitter from what I can tell, will it work on the notebook's monitor?

2) I have a Hisense non 3d TV. However, when I hooked it up to my computer, the 3d Stereoscopic option immediately appears in the NVIDIA Control Panel. I was able to set it up. However, I had to fool it into letting me finish the setup process through trial and error, because the glasses I currently have couldn't see it. Either that or it wasn't transmitting an IR signal. So if I buy new glasses will I be able to watch 3D TV on this TV even though it is not advertised as a 3DTV? My laptop is advertised as being 3dTV ready and the video card supports it. The glasses I have are the Gunnar passive glasses. I don't want to buy a new pair of glasses if I have to buy the entire 3d Vision kit anyway.

Thank you.
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  1. hi, i have a toshiba laptop satallite a665, it comes with built in ir immitter for the 3d glasses, so first to make it work you have to install 2 drivers

    1- nvidia 3d vision stereoscopic driver (the one that appears in the control panel)

    2- NVIDIA stereoscopic 3d USB controller (the oe which identifies your IR emitter)

    you should see the second one in the device manager click scan for hardware changes, if it appears having a yellow tringle near it than right click on it and choose update driver, and navigate to the setup file of this drive> If not than never mind
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure my TV has an IR emitter. I'm fairly certain my laptop doesn't. I think the fancy little 'Nvidia 3DTV PLAY' sticker on my laptop just means the GPU can handle 3D.

    My TV wasn't billed as 3DTV, so is it just because I plugged in an HDMI device that the computer saw it as a 3D device and made the 3D Stereoscopic menu appear in the NVIDIA Control Panel?
  3. if you get the kit with ir immiter, and do the steps above, than you will have stereoscopic 3d working on your laptop screen,

    Sorry, but im not sure if it will work for tv, i havent tried it myself, so cant give u advice on this one, but playing games in 3d is so awsome, that i recommend you get the kit (of course if you have an nvidia card and it supports 3d)
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