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I have a NVIDIA Geforce NX8800 Graphics card that I've used for several years now in a "piece together" box. Its worked fine without issue. A friend just gave me a new mobo A15G v.1.0 w/ a triple core AMD 2.31Ghz processor and NVIDIA onboard graphics - NVIDIA Geforce 6150SE nForce 430. We got the new system up and running, but for some reason, I can't see my graphics card in the device list and I've repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics card and graphics card drivers to no avail. The system only wants to see the onboard 6150, not the 8800 vcard. This is all running under Win Xp Pro.

Some details:
- Vcard physically works, fan is running and is fully powered. Nothing suggests the card is damaged.
- Power supply is 600W and more than capable of running the card (w/ secondary power cable attached).
- Set up in the BIOS to point to the PCIX slot first when checking for graphics card.
- Tried a different monitor with the same results.
- installing the driver for the 8800 only serves to reload the drivers for the 6150. Its not a specific driver, but a driver package. 306.23-desktop-winxp-32bit-english-whql
- Card has two DVI slots, neither have signal. Onboard has blue 15 pin and that is the only video connection I can get.

To be honest, I've had this issue before with the old mobo, but at that point, I deinstalled the drivers, rebooted to crap graphics, loaded the most up to date drivers, restarted again and the problem was fixed. I've doubts that the card may be compatible with the mobo, but I'm not exactly sure why that would be an issue.
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  1. guardian707 said:

    - Set up in the BIOS to point to the PCIX slot first when checking for graphics card

    You need to set it to PCIe or PCI express, not PCIX.
  2. Options are:


    Figured PCI-X was the Vcard. I'll try PCI when I get home. /shrug worth a shot.
  3. Neither PCI nor PCI-X will work. What is your motherboard?
  4. Have you cleared the CMOS after installing the graphics card?

    The motherboard may need to re-enumerate any new hardware additions and reassign hardware interrupts and memory I/O addresses for system devices.
  5. Three Bios options are Onboard, PCI and PCIEX. Why its not PCIEx16 (which is what the mobo says it has) I don't know. Selecting one or the other doesn't matter. Output still goes to the onboard. Card shows nothing.

    Cleared and updated BIOS. No changes.

    Disabled and uninstalled onboard card in device manager. I get a shotty even worse display with a "VGA adapter" ! in device manager. Eventually, I'll reboot and it'll have reloaded the onboard's drivers. /sigh.

    Swapped monitors - no change.

    Onboard is a NVIDIA 6150se nForce 430.

    All I can think now is that there is some unknown compatability problem between the mobo and the card. I have both onboard and dvi connected currently and it will only use the onboard. pulling the 15 pin kills video. It happens like this every time, whether its offline or up and working. Only the 15 pin onboard works.

    I checked the driver update for the 8800 and its the same driver update that works the 6150... ironic that I can't load the actual driver for the card without reloading the onboard.

    I've checked everything that I could find from people having the same problem online. PSU is good, graphics Card works in the old mobo, bios is updated and I can point to the PCIEX card or the PCI without doing a lick of good. I'm stumped.
  6. motherboard - A15G v1.0

    Video card - NVIDIA NX8800gts 512

    I don't have the original software of either, just links online to drivers. Should having the onboard's drivers installed really prevent the device manager from detecting other hardware installed?
  7. nothing?
  8. Heres a manual that i MADE for this kind of problem , i had the same problem so
    i wanna share this manual , its a powerpoint with solutions and programs

    i hope this helps :)

    NVIDIA Solucion Manual DRIVER [EN] (46 Mb)!MpZAQJyZ!MySJLk3RELaahbMhx1mSz3qqDc0oPxZ__WZPx65SuLY
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