Is it worth to wait?

i'm going to buy a new VGA for my computer. i'm thinking of buying gtx 660 for my computer. but when i see the news about hd8870 & hd8850, i'm also interested with it. so, is it worth to wait the 8800 series, or just buy the 600 series?

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  1. those would be lauched in 2013 H2 if you are willing to wait till that ten its upto to the need & choice but yes it would be 20% imporvemnt but its just speculation
  2. If this generation cards are anything to go by its worth waiting 4-6 months after release for the prices to go down as well and by then its worth waiting for the next generation. So its always and never worth waiting.
  3. If you're upgrading from a card more than two generations ago, better to upgrade now, then wait for the 8k series. However if you're gaming only on a 5** or 6k series, then you might as well wait for the 8k series. Its rumoured to be early Q1 2013, however by the time its in stock, and within a reasonable price, with all kinks worked out, I agree with Simon, you might as well again be waiting for the next generation.
  4. I was going to say I don't think the cards are 2013H2. Second half of 2013 doesn't fit with what I've been hearing. AMD is trying very hard to get cards out by Christmas. I'm guessing mostly paper launch,Q1 2013 for availability.

    Is it worth the wait? I don't know. Can you wait 2 more months?
  5. How expensive are the 8000 going to be at launch? i heard they are going to be cheaper then usual.
  6. Yeah. "Rumoured" 8850 is going to be $200 at launch, and much faster than it. Hopefully, but I sincerely doubt.
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