Vegas pro 10 not starting on Nvidia geforce GT 650M


I got this new laptop about a month ago from novatech and it has:
Intel core i7 3610QM
1TB HDD (idk what RPM it is)
Nvidia Geforce GT 650M

But for some reason Vegas isn't starting on my 650M but starting on Intel HD 4000 instead
This is very annoying as it takes ages to render even in AVC, it almost renders in real time because i just rendered a 720p video which is 9.5 minutes long and it took 10 minutes.
My friend has a gtx 580 and he can render extremely fast, so i got a 650 because i thought it would be almost as fast.

I've already set my prefered GPU to the 650m but still it uses the HD 4000, and Ive even tried setting the 650 to launch only with vegas but still it runs with the 650M.

Please help me, i'm very confused
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  1. Do you have the latest NVIDIA drivers installed? From the Vegas page i don't get exactly if mobile graphics is supported at all:
  2. yes ive got 306 point something for the drivers
  3. This came up a while ago, back then Vegas didnt support kepler cards.... Im not sure if that has changed or maybe there may be some sort of hack to allow you to use it?
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