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does anybody know if the gigabyte 7950 comes with a warrenty as the website only lists a standard 1 year warranty in there returns faq but most places seem to say this card has 2 years .
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  1. Which Gigabyte 7950? They don't just make one. What do you mean "most places seem to say card has 2yr warranty". Which places would that be?

    I would trust the Gigabyte site over "most places".

    By the way it's THEIR not there.

    Should have bought XFX, they have lifetime warranty.
  2. xfx have a lifetime warranty in the us, as title clearly states uk where xfx have next to no customer service at all and only 2 year warranty (if your lucky enough to not be ignored by them)
    the gigabyte website has no useful info on warranty and you cant ask there help without registering your card (same on msi site in uk)
    was there really any need to correct my grammer after ignoring the (uk) part of my title
  3. oh and its scan aria overclockers and novatech all list 2 year warrantys where as kikatek and amazon dont list anything about warranty
    and the model is gvr-795wf3-3gd
  4. I did not ignore UK it's in your title duh.

    So are you unable to register your card and contact Gigabyte? I don't understand how you can be so helpless.

    Oh by the way, you spelled grammar wrong. Wow.
  5. Seriously is there any need for this , I came on these forums for a answer to a simple question ......
    I don't understand why someone would waste their life correcting spelling and failing to help anyone ....
    If your not going to give any use full answers then please feel free to go badger someone else
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