New gpu releases ?

How far are we from a new graphic card release for desktop either amd or nvidia.
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  1. Nvidia just released (Summer 2012) it's 600 series cards, 650, 660, 670, 680 & 690. The AMD 7000 series has been out since late 2011, so who knows. We should start hearing about something new from AMD maybe within the next couple months.
  2. AMD has completed it's 7900, 7800 and the 7700 series lineups since march. Their lineups are 7970, 7950, 7870, 7850, 7770 and the 7750. The only missing card in their lineup is it's dual GPU card, the 7990. But PowerColor has made one and sell them.

    From nvidia, They haven't completed their 600 series lineup yet, we only have the 690, 680, 670, 660 Ti, 660, 650 and 640. They are planning to get themselves releasing a 650 Ti this month.

    We should look forward into the 8000 and the 700 series launch from both AMD and nvidia. Rumors said that it would come in either the beginning or the middle of next year.
  3. Its rumoured around Q1 2013, and should be announced very late 2012 to get the gears grinding. I wouldn't expect Nvidia to enter the next gen cards until around August next year.
  4. I did read a rumour the 8850 & 8870 may paper launch this year and be for sale early next but I can't find the article again
  5. Although I highly doubt it, it'd be smart for AMD to launch the 89xx series right before Christmas. But honestly I'd say they'll be out in the first three months of 2013.
  6. It would be smart to release it at Christmas, however quickening the production of electronics is not favourable in some circumstances. I'd rather a bucket of milk then a golden bucket of crap.
  7. My understanding is the Radeon 8xxx-series Sea Islands GPUs went tape-out in late May or early June. With AMD, from tape-out to retail shelves is normally 6-7 months. It is safe to say that final production and binning have begun, or will shortly. Whether they hit retail sales before the end of Q4 is anyone's guess.

    nVidia (since ATI introduced the HD 5xxx-series at 40nm) has lagged AMD 7-8 months in bringing full lines to retail. This is good and bad. nVidia can judge the performance of a Radeon card and tweak their response accordingly for positive advantage. BUT ....

    AMD responds by fighting and winning at price points for performance when nVidia releases a new card as their generation is more mature on the market. This also creates quite a substantial down-stream effect whereby the *latest* prior-gen cards from each OEM go head-to-head.

    That's when (and where) to get in [:lutfij:4] :lol:
  8. Im waiting on the GTX 780 series in the Spring to upgrade my 3Gb 580.
  9. But by the time the Nvidia cards do come out, I feel that a new generation is only a couple of months away, so I might as well wait. Thats why I feel that you should never wait for a card if you badly need to upgrade now, otherwise by the time the card you want is at a pricepoint you can afford, its already too close to the new GPU's.
  10. Thank you for all the replies , I am building a desktop soon , just in the grey zone many of new builders tend to fall in, to build now or delay build . Any impressive hardware upgrades we might come across soon too?
  11. Well it depends, is your computer more than two generations old now? If it is, better to upgrade now. If it isn't just wait for another generation of cards to come out and take a pick there.
  12. Funny enough I have not owned a desktop for the past three years, riding along on laptop. Time to get back on the saddle.
  13. Yeah, then you should probably go for a new GPU now. However, thats what I'd normally recommend if it were august or September. Now that its October, and the cards are most likely going to be announced at December, its your choice, wait it out, or buy one now. Your decision, as both of them aren't really wrong decisions.
  14. Do GPU releases usually coincide with cpu ones , motherboards , new hardware etc ?
  15. CPU's coincide with new motherboards since theirs normally new chipsets to run the motherboard. GPU's can come out on their own because all you need is a motherboard with a PCI-E x16 slot and a PSU that has enough wattage. So no GPU's don't coincide with other new hardware (even though PCI-E 3.0 was released with the last generation it wan't needed for the current series and shouldn't for at least another few before PCI-E 2.0 is out of date).
  16. CPU releases are far less common than GPU releases, especially new architectures, they typically come out all at once, and then you don't see a new cpu for a couple of years.

    for motherboards, new chipsets come out with the CPU, but what their job is, is dependent on what you actually do, etc, the Z68 and the Z77 are probably the best gaming platforms at the current moment.
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