BF3, Ultra, 60 FPS, 1680x1050 - what GPU?


I'm buying an i5 2500K and would like a good GPU to run BF3 on Ultra with 60FPS at 1680x1050.
I don't care about AA and AF so this might save some pennies.

I have a Corsair VX450 and will upgrade if necessary.

No budget limit, tell me which will run it (but not anything that's an overkill) and I'll try to find a used one or whatever I can afford that's the closest to it in performance.

Thank you.
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  1. Yeah, so it isn't quite ultra, as I don't need MSAA and other x2-x16 features.
    I need an average 60 but a minimum of at least 50.

    Can a GTX 660 do that?
  2. yonyz said:
    I have a Corsair VX450 and will upgrade if necessary.

    Yes, you should definitely upgrade your PSU. Since you are planning on getting a new GPU, upgrade the PSU to a 650 watt one, e.g. the Corsair TX650 v2.
    Also with a graphic card that suits your need, i'd recommend a minimum of a GTX 660 ti or an equivalent for 60+ fps. Or for a sure fps of 60+, go for a GTX 670.
  3. I'd recommend the 7870 for price vs performance where a 660 is about $230 so is the 7870 which is much more powerful and should do everything you want.
    If you do want true ultra I'd go with a 7970 or the 7950 if you want to save a bit. The 7970 is about the same price as the 670.
    The 7950 is only about $300.
  4. But then again hes playing on 1680x1050. We don't need an overkill card for that resolution. Either a 7870 or a 660ti would serve you well I would think, after a minor PSU upgrade.
  5. @andrewcarr:

    HD 7870 is not faster than GTX 660 at battlefield 3.

    Note, it's higher resolution, full ultra with MSAA and singleplayer.

    As for VX450, it should handle GTX 660 with ease. It needs only 1 6-pin connector, after all
  6. BigMack70 said:
    Like I said, I don't think there's a way to know for sure - I'm just not aware of any 1680x1050 benchmarks of BF3 multiplayer.

    I expect the answer is yes, a 660 can do that without MSAA. BF3 really isn't that demanding if you don't use MSAA.

    True. I'd say it looks fine without MSAA, and a GTX 560Ti or an HD 6870 can manage 60fps on Ultra. The GTX 660 would be at 70-80fps constantly at your res.

    And it is NOT overkill for your res. I'd say it's about perfect. And no reason to upgrade your PSU, the 660 only uses one power connector.

    EDIT - and even WITH 4xAA, you should get around 60fps.
  7. Well the 660 (not TI) is within my budget. HD 7870, 660 Ti etc. are too expensive, and if it also saves me upgrading the PSU, then I'm even happier.

    And yeah, I saw this benchmark that shows the 660 gets 20 more FPS on BF3 compared to 7850:
  8. I have a Sapphire HD 7950 in one of my AMD rigs and can tell you it can handle BF3 at 1080p 60fps ultra with no problems at all. While BF3 may prefer Nvidia I can tell you that even my AMD FX-8120/ATI Sapphire HD 6950 rig runs it better than my i5 2500k/Nvidia 560ti rig. I do not really know how well the 6xx cards do since I do not own one and given the amount of driver crashes I get with the 560 I have no plans to get one any time soon.

    I do not think you can go wrong witch ever you choose really I prefer AMD any more but that is not to say Nvidia is bad ether. In any case you would need to update your PSU that is for sure. I have 300+ games and I can say with complete confidence that there is not one of them that do not run great on ether one of my AMD/ATI rigs.
  9. yonyz said:
    Well the 660 (not TI) is within my budget. HD 7870, 660 Ti etc. are too expensive, and if it also saves me upgrading the PSU, then I'm even happier.

    And yeah, I saw this benchmark that shows the 660 gets 20 more FPS on BF3 compared to 7850:

    Well, not my 7850 anyways :P
  10. And that benchmark which says the 7850 only gets 32.9 fps in Ultra with MSAA is baloney, on stock clocks I get around 40-42 fps all the time, unless a huge explosion suddenly happens around me, which can happen with any card.
  11. Maybe I should've entioned I currently have an Hd 6950 2GB that runs BF3 terribly because I have an overheating i5 661.

    Will my current card handle 60 FPS with the 2500K I'm going to buy?
  12. A 6950 is a great card, I don't know why you would want to upgrade one single generation. Maybe just try upgrading your CPU FIRST, and see how the 6950 performs before buying a new GPU.
  13. Alrigh then. Topic is now o Hold. :D
    Thanks guys.

    It will take sometime until I get the CPU (eBay auctions, worldwide delivery...), but I'll post back.
  14. Yeah, don't rush things, especially when it comes to electronics. It'd be a shame if a perfectly good card which did what you wanted went to waste. That card's feelings would be hurt, and it would feel as useless as your CPU. :( oh the humanity
  15. No it won't go to waste, I bought it for 75% the price and can resell it for the same price, losing not even a penny.

    I also found someone selling a 570 for even cheaper than what I paid for the 6950, but the PSU... and it only has 1.3GB. What do you think, should I still get it? Does 1.3GB matter at my res?
  16. Well... You might as well just keep the 6950 if you are going the 570 route, its a minimal increase in power.

    I was just kidding about the card going to waste, was just about to post a photo of a 6950 crying, but then I forgot to save. My Paint skills suck :(
  17. So GTX 570 isn't better? I won't even be adding money if my Corsair can handle it.
  18. 7870 and overclock it
  19. BigMack70 said:
    It's a bit better, but if you want something better, why not go to the 660, which is substantially better? The 660 also has more vram (not that it matters right now at that res) and uses less power and you wouldn't have to buy a used card.

    Why 570 and not 660, because I won't find a used 660, Ti or not, and a new, normal 660 is 50% more than a used 570.
    If I could find a used 660 that would be great, but I can't.
  20. OK, CPU first, and then we'll see. Thank again.
  21. Hello again, I bought a Mugen 3 cooler and a 800W from Thermaltake. Guess what? CPU idle temps lowered from 55 to 26, and everything runs much better with my old GTX 260. I sold the H6950 (don't worry, didn't lose a penny) and am still using the dual core i5 661.
    For now I won't be upgrading anything as games run much much better now when my CPU doesn't overheat.

    In fact, I'm getting a PS3.
  22. Best answer selected by yonyz.
  23. I would go with a 7870 xt.250 on amazon with a 15 dollar rebate and free games. Runs faster than a 660 ti because it is actually a 7900 series chip, just brought down.
  24. I bought a GTX 660 non-Ti eventually, it gets the job done but I barely play anything these days, let alone a demanding game.
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