'Palit Nvidia GTX 550 ti not working properly'

I have a new computer my specs is
Asus P8Z77-V LX Motherboard
1 TB Serial ATA Hard Drive
16 GB DDR3 1333 PC10660 Memory
Nvidia GTX 550 TI 1 GB PCI-E Graphics Card
Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium

when i tried to troubleshoot my computer it says that 'My graphics card isn't working properly i uninstalled all graphics driver and installed it again but still doesn't work i installed all latest drivers like they said but still doesn't work my monitor is an acer s243hl lcd monitor with a resolution of 1090x1080 but my maximum resolution is the one on windows im my graphics card faulty or something is there anything that i can do to make it function properly??! HELP ME PLEASE :(
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  1. Try re-seat the the gpu.
  2. how can i do that?
  3. Remove it from motherboard and inset it again carefully.
  4. i have done that before i troubleshooted it but it said that 'windows have stopped this device because it have reported problems they say
  5. Try with this troubleshooter then post result.

  6. Sorry for the late reply but this is what it said 'we detected some problems with your system and were able to successfully apply the fixes. However, our verification shows that the problem still exist. Click Next for the other options you can try to trouble shoot the problem

    Issues found Fix status

    NVIDIA GeFore GTX 550 Ti is not working properly Not Fixed
  7. I think your gpu is faulty. Try check it to your friend's pc to make sure it is faulty then RMA it.
  8. thanks i think i'll claim the warranty of it because the item is just 3-days old hahaha
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