What drivers will I need to install ?

So I'm about to assemble my pc and I have been advised not to use the cd driver that comes with the products and instead download latest ones from the web, but I'm unsure where to find them and to what hardware do I need drivers for. Here is my hardware list -
MotherBoard - Asus P8Z77 - V
CPU - Intel i5 3570k - Amazon
CPU Cooler - Hyper 212 Evo
SSD - OCZ Agility 3
HDD - Western Digital Red
RAM - 8gb
Optical Drive - LG 24x SATA

Cheers for any help
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  1. Use the CD that comes with the motherboard. That CD will install the drivers for the ethernet port, which is why it is easier to install from the CD the first time.
  2. So I dont need to download drivers from the asus website ?
  3. You need to check the Asus site for driver updates which may increase performance or fix issues. Also get drivers for your video card - Nvidia.
  4. The CD should have all of the drivers you need. You can update them if you want, but it shouldnt be necessary.
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