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Hey there,

My girlfriend is going away to school soon(in a farming community in the middle of nowhere) and wanted to get a new computer(preferably laptop for obvious reasons) for some basic games seeing as she only has a macbook now.

Games include things like team fortress 2, minecraft, portal, sims, the "Tycoon" games.

I know pretty much any computer will run them, but which system will run the at MAX framerates and that has an SSD????
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  1. i would normally say for you to read through the countless posts here on the forum, because you will find your answer - there's tens of people each day asking the same question...

    but we can't possibly begin to help you without knowing the budget, at least, and the screen size
  2. id say a budget of about $600-$1000. screen size will most likely be a 24"or very close to. and an SSD is not NEEDED but preffered.
  3. i've never seen a laptop with a 24" screen... that'd be a HUGE keyboard!!!
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