Xfx 7970 black edition, poor at overclocking?

I have an xfx 7970 black edition, it already comes overclocked from the factory at 1000/1425.

I have tried to overclock using ccc but i can only go as high as 1050/1500. Any higher and games freeze up, i have the power adjusted to + 20%.

Has anybody else had any luck getting a better and stable overclock.

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  1. I bought an XFX 7970 DD BE at launch and max stable clock was 1200/1710 on 1.21 Vcore, stock Vram.

    I've heard that recent versions of the card are voltage locked - is yours? How are your temps? Do you have a good enough Power Supply?

    Use MSI Afterburner to handle your overclocking, by the way.

    And as always, overclocking depends on luck of the draw - you may have just gotten unlucky and not gotten a card that OC's well.
  2. I havnt tried to unlock the voltage yet so im not sure about that. My psu Is 750w ozc fatality series. I will try saphire trixx or msi afterburner later and i will post the results. I would of thought this card could at least achieve the maximum overclock using ccc without any problems at stock voltage.
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