Good for gaming ?

hey i want to have it short

CPU : E4500 Dual core 2.20Ghz
mobo : Asus p5ld2-vm/s (ddr2)
GPU : Club 3d HD4350 512MB

i cant plant pretty much all games.

this is wat i want to buy

CPU : AMD X4 640 Quad core @3.0Ghz
Mobo : ASRock N68 VS3 UCC Supports AM3
GPU : CLub 3d hd 4350 512mb (gonna buy later a bigger one)

now im not sure if this is a good choice ?

is the new upgrade a good choice ? and should i sell my old items expect the GPU ?
i worked 5 years on the old system and its a litle hard to let it go.

i only want to sell it if the new upgrade is good enough for some years. and that i cant play white the old system
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  1. what is the e4500 now worth in euro's ?

    what is the asus p5ld2-vm/s now woth in euro's ?

    what are those 2 total worth in one buy in euro's
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