Is it PSU or Radeon 3870HD

I have bought Sapphire Radeon 3870HD but I have Codegen 400W PSU that manage to be very weak lately so my card from the start give lines and squares...This card works perfectly before so I don t think it is her that was broke...Is is PSU or card dying...??Thanks for the answer...
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  1. well..

    first.. i wanna say.. your psu is crap..

    your card is dying because of psu fault..
    in other word..
    your psu has destroy the card..

    codegen psu can only deliver around 50% of their wattage label..
    more than that, well, crazy voltage fluctuation and ripple..
  2. Is it possible that if I buy new PSU as fast as I can that it continues to work like before...P.S I know it is crap.. :-) Thanks for the answer though...
  3. maybe no...

    lines and squares on your screen, known as "gpu artifact", mostly because of your graphics faulty hardware.
    changing your psu will not recover it to early condition...
    it has already broken..:|

    the only thing that you can do is throw your codegen psu, buy the tough one, and buy new graphics card..
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