New build has blck screen

i just put my new parts together. ASrock 970 extreme3 mobo, 8gb gskill ripsaw ddr3-1600, new HDD and a EVGA gtx560ti ultra.

This isnt my first build although it has been a few years since my last one. I put everyhing together, double checked my connections and fired it up. Everything turned on, all the fans, mouse lit up and LED on my ethernet wire, but my monitor stays blank. i tried putting it in another slot and same thing, no video.

How do I go about diagnosing this problem? is it the mobo or video card? I have an old pc express 16 vid card, but its old and im not sure its even compatible with my new mobo.

this really sucks. any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. thanks
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  1. sounds like a psu problem try changing to your old gpu depending on what it is (let us know what it is ) and if it not as power hungry as your new card it should boot fine. its the only way to find out as you dont have any on-board gpu
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