Pc desktop monitor turned green can u help?

Moived my desktop and the monitopr screen turned green. Decided the monitor was broke so bought a new one, and this does the same. Can anyone help me please. I don't know what or where the motherboared is or the Graphics card
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  1. Is your computer a store bought (i.e. HP, ACER, etc.)? If so, tell us the brand/model. If you don't know, and also don't know where the MB is or the graphics card (if there is one), your best bet is to take it to a reliable repair shop.
  2. Sounds like you just need a new cable, try a different cable first.
  3. Are you sure the pins inside the connector aren't broken or snapped, sounds like something isn't connected properly and you'd have to hit it pretty hard to break a graphics card or motherboard
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