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Hey, was wondering how to go about building a desktop for gaming. My first time trying this. Apparently it's cheaper and more efficient to self build then it is to buy a pre-built, so I wanna try it.
Oh and when I say gaming, I only mean stuff like League of Legends, Diablo, Starcraft, Phantasy Star, stuff like that. I don't plan on playing any console games on it though. But I still want the computer to be fast and everything else.
Is there like a guide to help first time builders or..?
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    You'll probably want to fill this out so we can assist easier. Make sure to note any parts you absolutely need (such as a monitor and/or operating system), as well as screen resolution (that way, if you need a monitor or if you have one, we can choose the right graphic card for you). Knowing a budget is very handy as well. - This is Newegg's "How to Build a PC" series of videos. I actually watched that several times when I was building mine a few months ago.

    Other things to look at are the 'Best Gaming CPU's/GPU's for the money' on this site's articles. An easy way to determine what you need is going off of the system requirements of the games you want to play, then use those articles to find something that fits the bill a few tiers higher, if possible. Really though, the budget is the important thing to know when it comes to creating a build (and that the GPU should typically be more expensive than the CPU).
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