When does newegg restock?

How long does it usually take newegg to restock ? I need to buy my computer parts this week and the gigabyte radeon hd 7950 is out of stock! D: Also how long should I be on hold for? cause they put my order on hold for like 3 days already.
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  1. They restock when they get stock in.
  2. oh that makes sense lol :D

    can you atleast try to help me with the second question?
    also Gigabyte radeon 7950vsgigabyte radeon 660 ti which one wins?
  3. As far as stock levels, it depends. They probably receive new stock in multiple times a week. However, their supplier (or the manufacture) may not have the product in stock, to send to Newegg.

    As far as the 7950 vs the 660 ti, the 7950 would be the more powerful card. The 7950 "competes" with the 670. The 660 ti would "compete" with the 7870.
  4. oh ok thanks man
    if you have an answer for this... why do you think I am being put on hold. I've been put on hold for 2 days now and now things are going out of stock.

    its stressing me out a bit
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    It's easily their busiest time of year. I just ordered some ram Monday, and it took them 3 hours to charge my account and generate the invoice (that process is normally instant). They may be waiting for stock shipments to come in to fulfill your order, or there may have been another issue with your order. I can only remember one order of mine ever being put on hold, and I think it was a payment related question. I just had to call them and then it was fine. You could try sending an email or calling them to clarify if there is an issue, but I imagine there support side is just as slammed.
  6. thanks man you were the biggest help best answer to you sir :D
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  8. Glad to be of help. Hopefully everything gets through. Waiting is the worst part of ordering online...
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