ATI 5850 doesn't fit - not sure if case or motherboard

I got a 5850 from a friend and it does not line up to fit into the motherboard. The case is an antec 300-2 and the motherboard is a z77a GD65, both of which has specifications that say it should fit this 9.5" card. I've including a photo:

As you can see, the card to backs into the left side of the case yet it does not line up at all to fit into the motherboard. Did I miss something? are the specs not what i thought they were? Any help would be great.
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  1. It is certainly compatible.

    You have to remove this metal part visible on the left of your image. Read the article.

  2. on the front of the video card, the chromed steel, has a "tab" on the bottom that has to fit between the motherboard and the case. looks like you need to slightly angle the card before inserting the other end into the pci-e slot. ( the power strip )
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