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Sup guys, Im going to put together a new comp for the first time and I would appreciate help in selecting some good quality, inxpensive, quiet (hopefully!) pieces. What would you recommend? So far I am thinking of a Tbird 1.4ghZ with a 266 fsb a ECS K7S5A and then use the DVD/CD Rom from my old comp along with the hard drive (5400 maxtor) and sound card. So I guess its technically an upgrade. I really didnt think to much about the case and PS and fans till now but I now realize that I need good stuff. So...whatcha think? Where can I get it? And also will my old cards and drives work with the pc2100? Ive heard some saying it wont, but im not sure. And is there like a chart or something like is 1gig of pc133 better than 256 pc2100? Or something like that?
Thanks guys,
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  1. Inwin and Antec both make a wide variety of good cases at decent prices. For a really nice case, try Lian-Li or Coolermaster. My top pick would be a Lian-Li PC-60 with an Enermax Dual-Fan 465-watt power supply. You can expect to pay $145 for the case with 3 pre-installed fans on a speed switch, and $85 for the power supply. A 350-watt would be a bit cheaper if you don't plan to stack that computer full of devices.

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  2. Aright yea ill look into those. Umm this will be a internet/business type of machine so nothing really power hogging will be in it.
    thanks yo
  3. What about a sparkle PS? And a Dash(?) case?
  4. Well, I've heard good things about Sparkle. Anyway, I love my 430W Enermax PSU! I can overclock and run a lot of hardware in my PC case without any problems. The extra wattage will come in handy later on when I get into multiple hard drives in an IDE RAID.

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  5. Hey !
    The original poster mentioned "inxpensive" case !!

    In fact, how low in Watts can we go with the K7S5A when a Athlon XP+ is added but no DVD and only one DD and maybe a geForce 2 ?

    What about if tne mobo only stays with a Duron 750 ?

    Are there really differences in the quality of 300W PSU in boxes of different makes ?

  6. There are certainly varying qualities of power supplies, especially in different cases. I would make sure that the power supply you buy is on the AMD-approved list and is large enough for your system, plus a bit extra. Starving your components of power when they're working hard is a very bad idea.

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  7. Yep, I got a Sparkle 400watt (kinda hard to find nowadays) and that thing looks like no other inside. It's freakin beautiful! Nice big capacitors! Sparkle is known for putting out extremely clean power.

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