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Hello, everyone. I am hoping that you guys will be nice to help me out.

I would rather get a prebuilt since I don't have time but if building it myself really is easy (takes me about 2-3 hours), I'll definitely do it. For example, I'm assuming that getting the operating system up and running will take a long time.

But, this is what I am looking for:

Budget: $1300 (flexible)
Purpose: Emails, web, spreadsheets. I use it for work and have 20 windows up at once. With my antivirus, my computer gets really slow. It would be nice to play the occasional starcraft game.

windows 8
able to have 4 monitors at once
hard drive: 1 terrabyte + SSD

What do you guys suggest?
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  1. Buy an oem system; it's cheaper. Here's one:

    You can add a video card to it such as this one:

    Still got the itch to build your own:; newegg shellshocker specials include most everything you need except the operating system, which you can get on craigslist. Just be sure it's unopened. Windows 7 or 8 will work fine; 8 is for touchscreen devices, which you won't have unless you get a touchscreen monitor. Here's another option if you really have to have 4 monitors going at once: (sli capable for multiple video cards) $117 shipped after rebate $230 $60 $47 after promo code $100 $217 for two after shipping and rebate $22 $16 $100

    total: about $909 after rebates and promo codes

    Here's a post for breadboarding:
    Here's a link for your msi board: Read the first sections about installing the cpu and ram. If you don't understand it at this point, I would buy an oem system and save yourself alot of headaches. Building your first system requires alot of patience. good luck.
  2. The second link is for the cpu: 3570K for $230 shipped at newegg (link broken). The last msi link has a downloads section for the motherboard manual. That's what you need to read to get started.
  3. If building one myself really is going to take a lot of patience, I'd rather get a prebuilt like you suggested.

    Is Fry a good place to go?

    I notice that you recommended a system that has an i3 which I think is insufficient. Is there something else that you recommend?

    Actually, are there people on this forum that will build one for me?
  4. i wouldnt recomend asking for help like that on the net... theyll just run off with ur nice new shiney pc! an i3 is underrated, but i think a new i5 would be fine...
  5. Here's a gaming one from acer: Pod:Pod3. Ask about frys return policy before you purchase. Some items are in store only.
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