Windows explorer keeps crashing

Hi guys, nearly everytime i go to open my documents or my computer my windows explorer.exe keeps crashing repeatly. Ive tried running a virus and spyware scan and its not picking up any problems so im unsure what it could be, its very annoying and if anyone could help fix this problem it would be much appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Hello.
    Check if you have any updates pending.
    Download malwarebytes (this is what i use) and scan.
    Try to go back in earlier stage of windows with restore points because sometimes a update might cause.
    Explorer exe most of the times is a malware virus.
    Hope helps and report back if any or no luck. :D
  2. Thanks, downloaded it and doing a full scan now, will let you know if it fixes the problem when its done
  3. Imo, you just need to give your PC a little care and attention once in a while. Give it a good 'ol clean.

    Run CCleaner, update your PC to the latest service pack, clean temp folders, defrag hdd.

    If your feeling lazy and just want to say F*ck it then re-format your hdd and and get a fresh intall.

    @snakebitex, explorer.exe crashing is VERY rarely malware or virus (these are seperate things) without showing other symptoms.

    Personally I think your wasting your time with malware bytes with this sort of issue.

  4. I ran a malware scan and it didnt find anything, sometimes it also just repeatly crashes when i first start the laptop up without me clicking anything. Its not ALL the time but most of the time. I cant restore it because i dont have a restore point before it started happening and only would want to restore it as a last resort type thing. Will try running this CCleaner program and the other things you recommended signor
  5. If you are using XP try sfc (system file check). You will need your install cd though.
    Put the Win XP cd in go to Start>Run and type sfc /scannow.
    This will scan your system for corrupt or missing files and replace where nesessary.
  6. Signor i tried everything you said but the problem is still occuring. Ngrego: i have windows 7 not xp
  7. Did you try defrag it ????
  8. Yea but it didnt need defragging
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