Computer won't stay on

I just built my computer and the power will turn on for about 15 seconds then shut off and turn on again in a couple seconds any idea why?

parts are

My psu is an old 850 watt and reusing my gtx 580.

MB: [...] 6813128546

CPU: [...] 6819116504

CASE: [...] 6811517004

SSD: [...] 6820227791

COOLING: [...] 6835181010

HD: [...] 6822236339
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  1. Do you have RAM? Do you have integrated graphics or a dedicated card? Optical drive? Is there an OS on there or are you trying to install one?
  2. Yes ram is in there corsair vengeance 8 gb yes there is an integrated graphics. No optical drive and yes there is an os
  3. Try unplugging the 580 for now and just boot it with the integrated graphics
  4. It did the same thing power is on for a couple seconds then shuts off
  5. You must have some bad parts or wiring (that's all I can think of). Check your wiring on everything. Did you bend any pins on your motherboard or CPU while installing everything? Did you touch your case to discharge static while assembling?
  6. I checked my wiring a couple times now... didn't bend any pins on my motherboard or cpu.. and i don't think touching the case would discharge static? could it be psu related? it a very old 850 watt maybe 6 years or so
  7. it sounds like your psu went bad if it just keeps on shutting down without bluescreen or anything.
  8. The thing is it won't even boot up just turns on the fans for 5 seconds and everything shuts off then repeats.
  9. I will try another psu if that isn't the problem what else could be it?
  10. That kind of sounds like your cpu's overheating.... Can you remove and cleanthe CPU cooler and apply fresh thermal paste and see if it happens again?
  11. with some mb if the mb cant set the ram speed it go into a reboot loop. i cant check your ram/cpu/mb info as the links dont work. i would check that the mb you have will work with your cpu without a bios updates. a lot of the older mb will need a bios updates for a mb to post with a ivy cpu. also some of the newer x77 chipset have updates for ram.
  12. the bios for your cpu is f7 i would email mb vendor with the mb date code they can tell you the rev of the bios on it. also try the mb outside the case to rule out the i\o or stand off shorting the mb out. also check that the 4/8 pin atx power is connected.
  13. Tried everything ended up sending parts back for exchange hope it won't do the same thing thanks for the input
  14. Got the new parts put only the CPU mobo and cooler together.. Still doesn't stay booted up will stay on for a few seconds then do a reboot loop. Tried a new power supply and it still doesn't work. Any other ideas?
  15. Any input anyone..?
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