New gear.

I am currently overhauling my build. I plan on buying the following parts but I would love input or preferences on brands and models. Maybe completely different parts. - MB - Prossesor - Video Card

Anything wrong with compatibility maybe know faulty models or anything? I do not want to make same mistake as my last build.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. need to know all the parts

    and i7s are not for games
  2. The other parts are basic.
    750W PSU
    Windows 7 OS
    16G of RAM
    550gig HDD

    If specific models are needed i can get them.

    Whats wrong with i7s?
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    ok then. just change out the i7 for a i5 3570k if you are not doing at least 3hrs of work a day involving video editing and rendering
  4. that work then?

    How about motherboard i paying to much for one or is that about right?
    And any preference on the video card?
  5. didnt notice the one i linked did not have a "K" would this be better?
  6. k would mean overclocking. without the k would mean no overclocking.

    if you are not to be overclocking this rig, id suggest getting a different motherboard
  7. It wont hurt performence if I do not over clock with this board dose it? I want to have the option but if i never do, I do not want it to back fire
  8. its just saving money thats about it. if you are going to buy a k chip without overclocking, it would mean 40 dollars wasted on the CPU and another 20-40 on the motherboard
  9. Ill just stick with this so i have the option thanks for the help! No last opinions on the video card?
  10. Quck question (i know socket change) but is this:
    Prossesor better than the one im getting?
  11. just change the CPU to a i5 of some sort. no i7s

    and no, the i5 670 wont perform as well. its 3 generations old from what i know
  12. Alright thanks again!
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