Upgrading system to play games at low graphics?

Hi I have a dell 745c and I want to add 4 gbs of 800 memory (gskill with hs)
and a 440 geforce graphics card.

It adds up to 96.45 dollars and I think its a god update... the only promblem is the....cpu

Its a dual core 2.13 ghz (I dont think the added 0.03 ghz makes a diffrence)

Can anyone suggest somthing better?

I really want to play tf2 and minecraft atlest at low settings and decent fps...
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  1. You could add a Q6600 (Core 2 Quad) CPU, but they are hard to find and you wouldn't see a major difference in most apps/games. Add the new GPU and memory and see how you like the performance before spending money on an upgraded (but obsolete) CPU.

    You would be better off saving your money to build a new, more modern system than adding another beefier CPU to this rig.

    Good luck!
  2. Okay, for Christmas I will upgrade my computer (I hardley ever play my console imo and it will help comunicate and watch videos with less lag) and if I like it I will upgrade the prosscer.
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