Accidentally locked myself out of my wireless internet how can i fix this proble

I recently secured my wireless network because a friend that was staying with me was abusing the privilege of using the internet (playing games, and not looking for work) I secured the network so I could still use it but he couldn' that he's gone I tried to change it back to unsecured and now I can't get online myself...I've managed to lock myself out! I guess I'm getting what I deserve, but I desperately need the internet to look for work now myself and I need your help (PLEASE) to help fix this mess I've created. Thank you in advance for any expertise you can give me.
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    Here ^

    Press the reset button then follow the guide ^
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Here ^

    Press the reset button then follow the guide ^

    Thank you, I tried that and no luck...any other ideas?
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