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Hello everyone,
Finally got everything all set up since my last little post about which gpu to buy; btw went with a gigabyte 670 because of the cheaper open box option for $319 plus the free bl2 download :D Anyways onto my question. I have had no issues with start up until today. When I turn on my computer sometimes it will remain on the home screen and nothing will load, no programs on the left side, no programs on the bottom, no start button no nothing. It will then go dim and about 5 minutes later get bright again. I will reset it several times before I can get my desktop to load properly. BIOS is defaulted as I thought it might have been because I set RAM speed to 2133mhz, but apparently that was not it. I have my DVI cords hooked into my gpu (of course) don't know if that makes any difference. Also, when I tried to install my VG278H software it said that it couldn't locate any graphic drives capable for the software? I'm thinking its the gpu, but I am not for certain. If you guys can help me with this problem that would be awesome! Sorry for the long post :(
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    Do you have multiple monitors set up? (A TV that is turned off possibly?) My video card will occasionally swap my monitors to where my TV is the main display. Happens very rarely, and mainly only when I update drivers or change hardware settings. If you do have multiple set up, try just one for now.

    As a suggestion, if possible, update your video card drivers. Would recommend to stick with the non-beta until you get everything straightened out.

    As far as nothing loading, the only time I've seen that is at work because the computers are slow as *** and we log into the network. As a "workaround" we typically alt+ctrl+del and go to start a new task and run "explorer.exe". Dont know if that will actually work, but maybe explorer just isnt loading for some reason.

    If none of this works, I am at a loss as to what else could be the prob.
  2. Its a single monitor, and I think I have located the issue. I just got the monitor yesterday and I didn't even consider the DVI cord to be damaged, but I think that is the issue b/c after switching it I have yet to see it reoccur (fingers crossed). I really appreciate the effort in trying to help! Lets hope that was the issue.
  3. Yup that was it I have the problem fixed!
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