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Upgrading my 6790

Hello, I have a HIS 6790 in my pc right now but by the look of things it may be time for me to upgrade, Please inform me if I should in a period of two to three months or wait. I have a budget of 180 $ USD. Also My power supply is a 520 watt 80 + certified Antec NEO CEO.

Edit: I could also sell my 6790 to increase my budget but I have no idea on what price to sell it for, Its new bought it in 2011 and its running good :D Any suggestions ?
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  1. i recommend selling the 6790. if you can get like at least 100$ from it, you can probably pick up a next gen oland 8870

    the reason why i say sell is 180 is relatively a 7850, which is an okay gap between the 6790, but i think you would like to see a much bigger gap in performance to be content,and breaking that 250$ barrier is the way to do so at least.
  2. What the hell is an oland 8870 lol ?
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    trolling troll said:
    What the hell is an oland 8870 lol ?

    next gen amd card that was leaked for specs. AMD's pricing on the next gen is supposedly alot lower than this gens on release.
  4. :o wow, those do look good lol thank you, lord have mercy only 200 $ ? something seems a little off here gang
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