How to update graphic drivers 7870

I have a 7870 and I believe I downloaded the 12.6 drivers. I guess the drivers are up to 12.9 now, but I don't know how to update them? Does Catalyst update by itself? Within Catalyst I go to the 'information' tab and click 'software update'. It tells me the current version is up to date. Does it mean the graphic driver or catalyst? Sorry for being a huge driver noob.

If my drivers are really still 12.6 how can I check and how do I update?
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  2. BigMack70 said:
    Here's the best way. First, go to AMD's website and download the newest Catalyst version. Here's a link for the 12.8 or 12.9 beta drivers assuming you're using 64-bit Windows 7:

    Then follow these steps to ensure a clean uninstall of your current drivers:

    Then install your new drivers :bounce:

    Thanks this was great!
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