Could i have a 560 Ti in my System or would it Bottleneck it?

Hi there, im really getting sick of my ATi Radeon 5750's Crossfire because I've been having many problems with it freezing games and what not, So i want to get a single Nivida GPU such as the Asus 560 Ti. Im on a bit of a budget so that's why i would go for a 560 Ti. I also don't really want another Radeon GPU because I want to try out a Nivida card.

Anyway... Heres my system Specs. Could you please let me know of something i need to upgrade to use the 560 Ti or anything else!

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9505 @ 2.83Ghz
4gb Corsair RAM DDR 2
Two Asus 5750 Crossfire
Windows 7 Pro

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  1. Or if he wan't to spend the same or less he could get a 7850 which performs similar to a 570 and if he want to spend 660 money he might as well get the overall better 7870.
    I find it hard to recommend any NVidia cards when the price vs performance is so much higher price for the same perfoamcnce than AMD's cards.

    The 7870 will perform similar to the 580 so it's an even better deal than the others and a pretty significant upgrade your old cards.
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