Power error and a problem with CPU fan.

Hello, first time builder here
I have,
I7 3770k
Cougar A-series 560w
Geforce GTX 550 ti

My CPU fan will start spinning once the power goes on, but stops after a few seconds. I hooked it up to a different fan port on the MoBo and it spun fine. Is this a problem with the CPU fan port on the motherboard?
I hooked up everything except for my ram and HDD. I ran a breadboard with the GPU to make sure everything worked and got a series of beeps signaling power error.
Not really sure what to do from here, some advice would be amazing!
Thanks in advance
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  1. it does sound like a PSU problem. check all the connections...
  2. Definitely the PSU, get a corsair or something. It's either not connected or it is too low quality and constantly stops.
  3. i've already unplugged and replugged my psu so i'll try a new power supply and see if that changes anything.
  4. I got a corsair 700w and i still get the power error beeps. When my cpu fan is plugged into its designated connector it stops spinning, but when i plug it into a connector for case fans it spins no problem. However i still get the power error when its spinning fine. I'm not sure where to go from here.
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